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Life sciences booming for Cheshire and Warrington

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THE sub-region is already seeing strong growth in the booming life sciences sector, including the development of Alderley Park as a hub attracting new companies, investments and jobs.

Pharma giant AstraZeneca’s 2013 decision to close its research and development facility on the site and move south has been turned from a potential economic disaster into a strong positive for the whole of the North West.

Now part of a new science-based enterprise zone stretching across Cheshire and Warrington, it has been estimated that the new life sciences park could create 7,000 jobs and contribute £245m to the local economy.
Clusters are seen as a big positive for both the sub-region and the emerging Northern Powerhouse.
However, Richard Anderson, chief executive of Crawford Healthcare, sounds one note of caution.

He says: “We should focus on certain key segments where we have got a strong advantage. Trying to do too much, too many clusters will fail.

“The life sciences history and legacy here is phenomenal. There is a huge opportunity here and if we don’t take that opportunity to make a song and dance about it we are missing an open goal.” Read more 

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