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Kerf Furniture – Furnishing Kerf with top-drawer advice

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Kerf Furniture – Furnishing Kerf with top-drawer advice

Warrington-based handcrafted furniture maker is equipping itself for spectacular growth

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“We’re a young company but we’ve been, quite literally, hammering it out in the workshop and on the business front over the last four months!” says Kerf Furniture owner and former bench joiner Andy Pugh.

His Warrington-based trade joinery shop – a haven for Andy and his team to create some truly specular masterpieces of handcrafted residential and commercial furniture – has been up and running since February this year. He discovered the Forrest Way location thanks to the close ties he has with his Cheshire and Warrington Growth Hub business adviser.

“This workshop is the epicentre of our company”, Andy added. “It’s where much of the magic happens and we spent a long time sourcing the right location. It had to be right. Our Growth Hub adviser pointed us to Warrington & Co and they have been instrumental in finding us a great space, which we’re planning to develop and add to – in terms of machinery, equipment and people – over time.”

Although Andy is an experienced businessman – he also runs an incredibly successful 11-year-old interior construction company – it hasn’t discouraged him from sourcing the best possible advice locally. “I know business, but I also know I’ve learned a lot from listening to good people”, he added.

As well as one-to-one coaching and help with his business and financial planning for Kerf, Andy has worked with his Growth Hub adviser to explore funding opportunities to support the company’s early growth, including local grants which will soon be available to eligible organisations across in the region from the Growth Hub itself.

With new business already starting to flow in and Andy and the team on the brink of signing a “major new commercial deal”, it’s an exciting time for Kerf. Andy, however, has a very clear view about how he intends to recruit the talent he needs to deal with the increasing demand.

“I want to give local youngsters a chance to become apprentices with us and to learn a trade that will help them throughout their lives”, he said. “We want to be a company that helps young people in the local community get on the career ladder and that’s why we’ve had several discussions with the Growth Hub about exploring the opportunities to recruit a pipeline of apprentices as we grow.” The company is expecting to recruit up to three new apprentices this year alone.

Kerf is a company on the up, but the future is far from polished and Andy knows the hard work will continue for some time. “Our success rests in our ability to do the best possible job for our clients. Our focus is on building our brand just like we build on furniture – with care and precision. If we achieve that, the financial rewards will follow.”

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For a PDF version of this story please click kerf ltd

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